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Welcome to Elaschem.

  • As a leading company in the rubber and plastic compounds for electric wires,
    Elaschem provides the best quality products through years of research
    and development.
    It also maintains the highest level of competitive edge by providing
    products that meet the needs of customers and preoccupying changes in the
    market through the prediction of the future and anticipative investments.
  • In addition, it also puts spurs to the development of new products
    in that 40% of managerial positions are taken by R&D personnel.
  • To practice its management philosophies of creativity, trust,
    and caring with its employees, Elaschem tries its best to lead a satisfactory
    and happy life both at work and at home.
  • Through creativity that is demonstrated through mutual trust and caring,
    Elaschem will be a company that is growing further.
  • Thank you.

Elaschem CEO 김영두